3.0 Release Notes

3.0 Release Notes

Release 3.0.0

Release 3.0.0 is a major release with many significant improvements and changes. For more information on the following, please see Introduction to 3.0

New Features
  • Faster subdivision using less memory
  • Support for non-manifold topology
  • Face-Varying data specified topologically
  • Elimination of fixed valence tables
  • Single-crease patch for semi-sharp edges
  • Additional irregular patch approximations
  • Introduction of Stencil Tables
  • Faster, simpler GPU kernels
  • Unified adaptive shaders
  • Updated coding style with namespaces
  • More documentation and tutorials
Bug Fixes
  • Smooth Face-Varying interpolation around creases

Release 3.0.0 RC2

New Features
  • Documentation updates
  • far_tutorial_3 updates for the multiple face-varying channels
  • maya example plugin interpolates a UV channel and a vertex color channel
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a LimitStencilTableFactory bug, which returns an invalid table
  • PatchParam encoding changed to support refinement levels up to 10
  • Added Xinerama link dependency
  • Fixed MSVC 32bit build problem
  • Fixed minor cmake issues
  • Fixed glViewer/farViewer stability bugs

Release 3.0.0 RC1

  • Far::TopologyRefiner was split into several classes to clarify and focus the API.
  • Interpolation of Vertex and Varying primvars in a single pass is no longer supported.
  • The Osd layer was largely refactored.

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