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 CLimitStencilLimit point stencil descriptor
 CLimitStencilTableTable of limit subdivision stencils
 CLimitStencilTableFactoryA specialized factory for LimitStencilTable
 CLocationArrayDescriptor for limit surface locations
 CPatchDescriptorDescribes the type of a patch
 CPatchMapAn quadtree-based map connecting coarse faces to their sub-patches
 CPatchParamLocal patch parameterization descriptor
 CPatchTableContainer for arrays of parametric patches
 CPatchHandleHandle that can be used as unique patch identifier within PatchTable
 CPrimvarRefinerApplies refinement operations to generic primvar data
 CPtexIndicesObject used to compute and query ptex face indices
 CStencilVertex stencil descriptor
 CStencilTableTable of subdivision stencils
 CStencilTableFactoryA specialized factory for StencilTable
 CTopologyDescriptorDescriptor for raw topology data, provided as a convenience with a corresponding Factory. It should be functionally complete and simple to use, but for more demanding situations, writing a custom Factory is likely warranted
 CTopologyLevelTopologyLevel is an interface for accessing data in a specific level of a refined topology hierarchy. Instances of TopologyLevel are created and owned by a TopologyRefiner, which will return const-references to them. Such references are only valid during the lifetime of TopologyRefiner that created and returned them, and only for a given refinement, i.e. if the TopologyRefiner is re-refined, any references to TopoologyLevels are invalidated
 CTopologyRefinerStores topology data for a specified set of refinement options
 CAdaptiveOptionsAdaptive refinement options
 CUniformOptionsUniform refinement options
 CTopologyRefinerFactoryFactory for constructing TopologyRefiners from specific mesh classes
 COptionsOptions related to the construction of each TopologyRefiner
 CTopologyRefinerFactoryBasePrivate base class of Factories for constructing TopologyRefiners
 CBufferDescriptorBufferDescriptor is a struct which describes buffer elements in interleaved data buffers. Almost all Osd Evaluator APIs take BufferDescriptors along with device-specific buffer objects
 CCLPatchTableCL patch table
 CCLStencilTableOpenCL stencil table
 CCLVertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for OpenCL subvision
 CCpuD3D11VertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for Cpu subvision and DirectX drawing
 CCpuGLVertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for cpu subvision and OpenGL drawing
 CCpuPatchTableCpu patch table
 CCpuVertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for cpu subvision
 CCudaPatchTableCUDA patch table
 CCudaStencilTableCUDA stencil table
 CCudaVertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for Cuda subvision
 CD3D11StencilTableD3D11 stencil table
 CD3D11VertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for DirectX subvision and DirectX drawing
 CGLStencilTableSSBOGL stencil table (Shader Storage buffer)
 CGLStencilTableTBOGL TextureBuffer stencil table
 CGLVertexBufferConcrete vertex buffer class for GLSL subvision and OpenGL drawing
 CPatchCoordCoordinates set on a patch table
 CCreaseTypes, constants and utilities related to semi-sharp creasing – whose implementation is independent of the subdivision scheme
 COptionsAll supported options applying to subdivision scheme
 CSchemeScheme is a class template which provides all implementation for the subdivision schemes supported by OpenSubdiv through specializations of the methods of each. An instance of Scheme<SCHEME_TYPE> includes a set of Options that will dictate the variable aspects of its behavior
 CSchemeTypeTraitsTraits associated the types of all subdivision schemes – parameterized by the scheme type. All traits are also defined on the scheme itself